Annual Celebrations

A Celebration of Generosity

Next Spring join us in Austin, TX from April 24-26 for a Celebration of Generosity, and meet with other generous givers from across the country.


Small Gatherings

A Journey of Generosity

These invite-only small gatherings are overnight experiences hosted by someone in your community to discuss the generous life.


Media & Resources

Explore generosity through these stories, teachings, and testimonies from past events.


Quotes from Past Participants

  • The [JOG] weekend had such an impact on us in many different ways, and the things we studied, discussed and learned together has changed our entire view and life as it pertains to giving. We've already been planning on a few ways to radically give and are beyond excited! We've already been sharing with others what we've learned. Realizing that it's all God's anyway and seeking the Kingdom first in all you do will transform your entire view and approach.

    — Walt and Cristin

  • I have never been in a meeting, even in this church with people who have known each other for decades, where people became so real and transparent with each other as they did during this time.

    — Rodney

  • Thank you again for all the amazing blessings received on Friday and Saturday [at the JOG]. I came in with really one particular question and my spouse with some skepticism and we were both totally blown by how the Lord met us and ministered so powerfully to us! I did get my answer and we both got so much more!! We as a couple have agreed to spend more time in prayer and consider how God would use us and the gifts He's blessed us with - both physical and spiritual - to make a greater difference for the Kingdom.

    — Sandra