Generous Giving is encouraging all hosts and facilitators to consider postponing their Journey of Generosity retreats until further notice, staying in line with CDC, WHO, and White House recommendations. This recommendation applies to JOGs, JOG facilitator trainings, and all other Generous Giving events. Additionally, we have cancelled our Celebration of Generosity on April 24-26 in Austin.

If you have questions about an upcoming JOG event that you are hosting or facilitating, please reach out to Lindsey Johnson for more information at

If you have questions about the Celebration of Generosity, please reach out to Alison DeBardeleben at .

A Note from Generous Giving’s President

Dear friend,

These are unprecedented times.

Though we do not want to live in fear, we are entering a season where the loving thing to do is to think of our neighbor and do everything we can to slow the spread of COVID-19, which has become a global pandemic.

As I write this, I am praying that God would use the body of Christ to model self-sacrificing love amidst this burgeoning crisis. As Christian leaders in uncertain times, our first response must be to love God and our neighbors.

We are encouraging those hosting Generous Giving gatherings to postpone for the time being. Our hope is that rescheduling will be possible, and we look forward to offering several virtual gathering options that will provide spaces for the generosity conversation in the coming weeks. We will keep this page updated as the plan forward becomes more clear.

I’ve recently been encouraged by these words from the historian Aristides's in a report to Caesar Hadrian (117-138 AD) about the growing Christian church:

“They love one another, and he who has gives to him who has not, without boasting. And when they see a stranger, they take him into their homes and rejoice over him as a very brother. And if there is among them any that are poor and needy, and if they have no spare food, they fast for 2 or 3 days in order to supply to the needy their lack of food. Such O King, is their manner of life and verily, this is a new people and there is something divine in the midst of them.”

I take heart knowing that what was true then can be true now. May we see the generosity of God displayed through the generosity of His people in these trying days!


Todd Harper