Embark is a post-JOG experience designed to help answer the “what’s next?” question. Like a Journey of Generosity, Embark uses stories, readings, and discussion to prompt reflection, but takes it a level deeper. We hope Embark gives you a vision with practical applications for what the joy of generosity can look like in your life.


The course is 5 sessions of 60min each and can be completed over 5 weeks or a weekend

Session 1

preparing the heart

Session 2

Provocative lifestyle distinction

Session 3

permission to focus

Session 4

positioned to influence

Session 5

the power of story

what to expect

Who Typically, a group of 4-12 friends and peers invited by a host, but Embark can also be experienced individually or as a couple.

Where While every Embark experience is different, usually they are held in a home as a five-session experience across several weeks. It can also be held as an overnight in a hotel or bed & breakfast.

What We hope the video stories, scriptures, and group discussion help you develop a personal generosity roadmap. We don’t pretend to know the answers, but instead simply want to spark the right conversations!

Is it worth my time?

So often what keeps us from giving is the inability to articulate where our passions lie—so we give a little here and a little there, not having truly thought deeply and systematically about our philosophy for giving. Embark helps you discover a vision for what the generous life could look like for you!

We seldom have time to reflect on how God’s unique gifting of resources, influence, and passions correlate to our giving.

quotes from past participants
  • “The online delivery tool is amazing! Session 2 (spending/saving) was my favorite. "War-time lifestyle" is life-changing. Really good questions for discussion and for self-discovery/diagnosis. Growing into the life that is truly life!”
  • “It has been really good at such an early point in our marriage to be talking through …how we plan to use the money we receive over our lifetime.”

    -Wharton MBA

  • “[Embark] was huge for us. It will be so helpful going forward to have a scriptural framework of how to apply biblical generous giving …to every day life.”

    –Harvard MBA

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