• Consider your influence, legacy, and passion.
  • Uncover how God may be moving you to specific action.


Embark is a post-JOG study designed to help answer the “what’s next?” question. Embark lets you process ideas and put them on paper. We hope that the stories, readings, discussions, and tools will give you a vision for practical applications of generosity in your life. Each of the 5 sessions is 60min.

Session 1: Power of Contentment

Session 2: Provocative Lifestyle Distinction

Session 3: Permission to Focus

Session 4: Planning Your Legacy

Session 5: A People Who Say 'Yes'




You and your spouse

You and your friends


Anywhere you can gather your friends for a comfortable conversation, like your home or a retreat venue


Stories, scriptures, group discussion

Personalized next steps

Attending an Embark study is a valuable addition to attending a JOG. A JOG gives the inspiration to be generous while an Embark study adds to that and also provides ideas and a process for becoming more generous on a personal basis. Nothing is forced or mandatory, but the idea is beautifully presented

- Embark & JOG Host

[Embark] was huge for us. It will be so helpful going forward to have a scriptural framework of how to apply biblical generous giving… to every day life.

- Harvard MBA

[The online delivery tool is amazing! Session 2 (spending/saving) was my favorite. "War-time lifestyle" is life-changing. Really good questions for discussion and for self-discovery/diagnosis. Growing into the life that is truly life!

- Wharton MBA

You have questions. We don’t pretend to know the answers, but Embark can help you spark the right conversations.

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