Video Access Instructions

With a solid internet connection, it works perfectly fine to play the videos through these web pages.

However, if you anticipate having poor internet reception, or would simply prefer to use an iOS or Android app, there is a simple way to do that.

  1. Download the Vimeo app on iPhone, iPad, or Android
  2. Open this link on the device where the app installed: Embark on Vimeo
  3. You should see a screen similar to this:
  4. Tap the icon to the right of any vide and tap "Make available offline":
  5. The video will begin downloading and indicate its progress:
  6. Once it's finished downloading, simply tap the video and it will begin playing, even without an internet connection:
  7. You can then cast the video to a TV using Google Chromecast, or simply plug in the device to your TV via HDMI.