Generous Conversations

A 1-hour, at-home experience to inspire meaningful discussions between you and your family.

What are Generous Conversations?

Generous Conversations is our at-home Generous Giving experience! From the comfort of your living room, you and your friends and family members can watch a 1-hour lineup of generosity stories that are paired with discussion questions for you to talk through together.

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Who are they for?

Generous Conversations is for small groups of 2-10 people.

How do I host Generous Conversations?

Simply invite the people in your home to come together for an hour to watch generosity stories and have conversations. The time for sharing is built in, between stories. That’s it!

Popular Streaming Options

  1. Watch on Your TV
    1. If you have a smart TV, or a streaming player like a Roku or Google Chromecast, go to the YouTube app and search "Generous Conversations".
  2. You can also use an HDMI cord to mirror the YouTube clip onto your TV from your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  3. Watch on Your Computer
    1. Watch the Generous Conversation through YouTube on your computer. Just search: "Generous Conversations".

Generous Conversations is available on YouTube for you to stream anywhere.

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