Small Gathering Resources

Many who have experienced a Journey of Generosity want to host one in order to bring more friends into the conversation. While the desire to host is wonderful, it does take some planning. We are here to help you make it happen. During the event, we will provide all the materials along with a facilitator who will lead the conversations.

The Impact

By hosting an event, you are making a profound impact for the Kingdom of God. Surveys taken by attendees 30-45 days after the event reveal the following:

  • 77% of attendees had a change in perspective or practice as a result of the event.
  • 60% gave a gift they previously would not have.
  • 79% plan to give a new gift in the next 12 months they would not have otherwise.
  • 91% have talked about the impact of the event with someone else.
6 Steps to Hosting

1. Identify potential guests

When considering who to invite to your JOG Retreat, focus on those whom you know to have a heart for biblical generosity and who are "entrusted with much." This event will be less meaningful for those struggling with personal debt or living paycheck to paycheck, as it is designed for those with "extra". Consider also whether you would like to host a gender specific event or a mixed company JOG.

We have found that groups of 12-20 are ideal for the JOG environment, as this size group creates the best conversation dynamic. It is often helpful to recruit an influential friend who can help invite participants.

2. Pick a date

Set the date at a time that is convenient for you and your potential attendees.

  • Provide at least 4 weeks of notice from the invite to the event.
  • For most groups, meeting on weekdays works best. Those entrusted with much tend to control their schedules and have flexibility to miss two half days of work, and tend to like that better than missing time at home with kids or grandkids on the weekends.
  • A good time for the event is to begin at 2pm the first day and end at noon the second day.

3. Find a venue

The location should be suitable for the amount of people who have tentatively responded.

The venue will need to provide for dining, sleeping, and personal care for 12-20 people. Typically, large residences or resort settings work most effectively in providing suitable logistics. A meeting space that feels like a living room (as opposed to a meeting room) is ideal. Due to the use of video, it is also necessary to have access to a large TV with a DVD player or input for an iPad. If there is a white wall or projector screen, Generous Giving can bring a projector on request. It's nice to be 30-90 minutes away from where most people live to create more of a getaway feeling. A few different venues you might consider include:

  • A bed and breakfast
  • A retreat center
  • A hotel
  • A large vacation home

4. Fill the room

Once the date and location are set, invite your friends, family and acquaintances to the JOG. Reach out to those who have a heart for generosity, with whom God has entrusted with much.

5. Make meal plans

Along with the accommodations, the host will also be responsible for providing food and beverages for attendees during the event. Meals include dinner the first night and breakfast the next morning. Some hosts provide an optional lunch the second day.

6. That's it. We take care of the rest.

Once your date is set, venue booked, and meals planned, Generous Giving will do the rest. We provide the materials for the retreat along with a facilitator to lead the conversations.

We are also here for support if you have any questions along the way. Please contact Lindsey Johnson at or call 321.328.1463 .