Don and Doris Meyer - Creating Meaningful Legacy


What is your family legacy? Don and Doris Meyer's journey of generosity has led them to create legacy by thoughtfully and intentionally passing on the joy of giving to their children. God has used the Meyer's faithfulness to impact not only their family but their business, as they live out their belief that by God's grace they have the power to bring a little bit of heaven here to others on earth. After watching the video, reflect on these questions: 1. Have you heard the concept of establishing a "finish line" financially? If not, how do you react to that idea? If so, have you done so? Why or why not? 2. Can you relate to Don's admission of keeping score with his net worth? How does that impact your perspective on giving? 3. What stood out to you in the Meyer's decisions concerning the next generation? 4. How are you building a legacy in your own family? 5. Would you be willing to share your giving story if you though it might encourage others?