Small Gatherings

We are pleased to offer two small group experiences that are designed to bring people together to discuss what the generous life looks like. They are designed to be experienced in order, first the Journey of Generosity and then Embark: Next Steps on the Generosity Journey. Below are brief descriptions of both. Please click through to learn more.

A JOG is an overnight experience with your peers discussing the generous life. We call these overnight events a Journey of Generosity because we are all on our own journeys and it is invaluable to come together to encourage each other along the way.

Is it Worth My Time?

We know you are a busy person, and an invitation to a Journey of Generosity competes with other things you could be doing. Is this really worth your time? We've found that since money is connected to every single part of our lives, refocusing our beliefs about money brings clarity and vision to every part of our lives.

Interested? Click here to learn more about a Journey of Generosity.

I have never been in a meeting, even in this church with people who have known each other for decades, where people became so real and transparent with each other as they did during this time.

— Past Participant

Embark is a post-JOG experience designed to help answer the “what’s next?” question. Like a Journey of Generosity, Embark uses stories, readings, and discussion to prompt reflection, but takes it a level deeper. We hope Embark gives you a vision with practical applications for what the joy of generosity can look like in your life.


Embark is specifically designed for those who have gone through a JOG. We see it as the “Next Steps” in the journey after understanding the why of generosity from a JOG. For more information about attending a JOG please click the above link.

Interested? Click here to learn more about Embark.

The online delivery tool is amazing! Session 2 (spending vs saving) was my favorite. "Wartime lifestyle" is life-changing. Really good questions for discussion and for self-discovery/diagnosis. Growing into the life that is truly life!

— JOG Veteran