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Why Attend a Journey of Generosity

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This is an overnight experience with your peers discussing the generous life.

We call these overnight events a Journey of Generosity because we are all on our own journeys and it is invaluable to come together to encourage each other along the way.

These gatherings are hosted by someone who wants to encourage a conversation about generosity amongst friends and is guided by a Generous Giving facilitator. Together we explore the life-changing message of generosity and the power it has to bring joy, freedom, and purpose.

If you have been invited to a Journey of Generosity we hope you make the time to be a part of it. These small gatherings are exceptionally meaningful experiences for those who participate.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Why: This experience is designed to focus on your heart and not your money. We never ask for money or let anyone else ask you for money, ever. We know your journey is unique and we never prescribe what you should give to or how much you should give.

Where: Every Journey of Generosity is slightly different because it is a one time event hosted by a friend. Typically they are held in a retreat setting, but sometimes they are held at a home, hotel, or bed and breakfast. Your host can tell you more about the environment your Journey of Generosity will take place in.

What: At every Journey of Generosity a facilitator brings short videos, scriptures, and stories for the group to enjoy and discuss together. The facilitator doesn't lecture or bring answers. We believe that the message of generosity comes to life when there is informal and genuine conversation.

"This experience will totally change any preconceptions that you have about giving and give you a vision for the potential of the Church." — Seth
Typical Schedule

Day One:

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Day Two:

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Is it Worth My Time?

Is it Worth My Time?

We know you are a busy person, and an invitation to a Journey of Generosity competes with other things you could be doing. Is this really worth your time?

  • We've found that since money is connected to every single part of our lives, refocusing our beliefs about money brings clarity and vision to every part of our lives.
  • We've found that since honest discussions about our wealth are rare, these times together become a highlight for many men, women and couples.
  • We've found that the way God shapes our hearts during these events changes the way we live in ways that bring more joy and abundance to our lives day in and day out.
"All I can say is that after this weekend I am genuinely excited to go home and start simplifying my finances and my life so I can become a generous giver. I want to experience that joy and freedom that comes from fully surrendering everything I have to God, and recognizing that it is all His anyway." — Janelle


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