Conversations about generosity with no agenda are rare.

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by Todd Harper

It's OK to be wealthy. Wealth does, however, bring a new set of questions. How should I care for what God has entrusted to me? What does it mean to live the abundant life? How much is enough?

Abundant offers a winsome invitation to those with wealth to engage in a life-giving conversation to consider firsthand the role of money in our spiritual journey and what it means to live life to the fullest. There is no guilt or duty on these pages, only an opportunity to explore the adventure of a generous life.

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Annual Celebration

A Celebration of Generosity

In 2017 we're coming together in Orlando, FL from April 28th - 30th. This event is a time to be inspired by testimonies of generosity from peers and encouraged by insightful teachings.

Small Gatherings

A Journey of Generosity

These invite-only small gatherings are overnight experiences hosted by someone in your community to discuss the generous life.

Media & Resources

Explore generosity through these stories, teachings, and testimonies from past events.