What would life be like if you could...

Give without obligation...

Share without hesitation...

Live with the generosity of Jesus?

Welcome to Generous Giving. We host online and in-person events to explore the topic of generosity without asking for your money.

We host engaging conversations...

to bring more generosity into the world.

Experience the joy of generosity with us through these inspiring stories.

Leaving a Spiritual Legacy

The Barnharts

Listening and Giving Together

Jason and Leslie White

Generous Church to Global Movement

First Presbyterian Church of Orlando

We are funded completely by private donors who believe generosity can transform the world.


It all starts by asking questions.

We never tell you how to be generous.

We help you explore what that means.


We promise to create a safe place to explore the concept of generosity.

We promise to never tell you how or where to give.

The joy of giving like Jesus is for everyone.


Generosity is calling.

What happens when we're known for our extravagant generosity, rather than the things we buy and have? Learning to live and give like Jesus changes everything, from the inside out.

Through our generosity, we can share the gospel, serve the needy, and heal the world. Say ‘yes’ and build true wealth beyond measure.