Journey of Generosity
Host Resources

What does it mean to host a Journey of Generosity?

A JOG host selects a date and convenes a group of friends for an overnight, one-day, or online retreat. Generous Giving provides a trained facilitator, invitations, and retreat materials for every JOG at no cost.


1. Why Would You Host a JOG?

Culture has taught us that money can buy joy and that giving is a mere obligation for being considered a good person. In our haphazard pursuit of having more, we’ve lost touch with what it means to have a generous life.

At Generous Giving, we still believe that generous life is possible. A Journey of Generosity explores what it means to live with Jesus-like generosity. A JOG is a conversation about God and money in an environment that never asks you for donations or anything in return.

The JOG has led thousands to experience renewed purpose, stronger families, passionate marriages, and deeper relationships with God that welcome a renewed spirit of generosity in their life.

3. Invite Your Friends

You’ll receive an email invitation to send to your friends once you’ve told us you’re hosting! We have a few other tips that will help you fill the room, too.

4. What Other People Are Saying

Gather your friends, enjoy the time together, and pray for God to move.