Imagine a life with...

Clear purpose

Greater freedom

Unexpected joy!

At Generous Giving, we believe biblical generosity changes everything.

We host conversations designed to bring more generosity into the world

Watch stories of generous givers to find inspiration.

Leaving a Spiritual Legacy

Alan and Katherine Barnhart

Giving Together

Jason and Leslie White

A Generous Family

The Tolmie Family


It is a personal journey

We never tell you how to be generous.

We help you explore what that means.


We promise to create a safe place to explore the concept of generosity.

We are completely funded by private donors so we will never ask you for money.

Explore the joy of generosity


Generosity can change the world

What happens when we're known for our extravagant generosity, rather than the things we buy and have? Through our generosity, we can share the Gospel, serve the needy, and heal the world.