Ambitious generosity among young leaders, for the glory of God.

From Yale to Berkeley and Dallas to Boston, driven young professionals like us are embracing radical biblical generosity—and it’s not about guilt or duty. It’s about Christ’s invitation to abundant life (Acts 20:35).

We see our earning potential as a chance to raise our standard of giving rather than our standard of living; all to the goal of being Generous Now.

Hear Our Stories

  • “For my parents, wisdom with money is saving, saving, saving, investing in stock. But we are trying to balance that with investing in God’s Kingdom.”

    -April, investment banker, social entrepreneur, and Generous Giving volunteer in New York City, NY

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  • “I received a large payout when the startup that I worked for and had equity in was bought and instead of thinking about how we were going to spend it, we were excited to think through how to give it away.”

    –Greg Baumer, VP of Business Development and Generous Giving volunteer in Nashville, TN.

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  • “We hope that by putting generosity at the center of our marriage, we'll be able to follow Christ's footsteps ever more closely.”

    -Katherine, investment banker and Generous Giving volunteer in New York City, NY

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  • “We acknowledge that everything we have comes from God. As such, we will strive to work in order to give and live with more of a war-time mentality. We will plan for a cash spending / saving finish line and aim to give any raises, equity payouts, or bonuses away.”

    –Married couple, online course participants in Silicon Valley

  • “My fiancée and I have been limiting the number of children we plan to have, because we thought we needed to leave each child a certain number of millions of dollars. Now, we see that doing so could bring harm, and we want to consider that money as something we could invest in God’s Kingdom.”

    -Harvard MBA student and retreat participant

  • “How is it that, as a 27 year-old who grew up in the church, I’ve never heard of any of this [radical generosity] stuff? …How is this not required material for every Christian to hear about?”

    - Wharton MBA student and retreat participant

Three Ways to Join The Movement

Attend or Host a Journey of Generosity.

These overnight retreats provide space to discuss biblical generosity while also helping to build Christian community.


Enroll Online in the Embark Course.

This experience is designed to help you grow in your financial discipleship journey and help answer two specific questions: “What does the generous life look like, for me?” and “How can I go about creating a plan to live generously?”


Attend a Celebration of Generosity.

Register for our Annual Celebration — a large gathering held 1-2 times per year, where 500+ givers come together to celebrate generosity, hear one another's stories, and grow together. Make sure to contact us about discounted rates for Emerging Leaders.


Where We've Been

Schools where we've hosted a Journey of Generosity retreat.