Our Vision

Our Vision

By 2025, the vast majority of wealthy Christians will have heard the biblical message of generosity. God will have used Generous Giving to drive the message forward, with thousands of engaged volunteers hosting and facilitating thousands of JOGs per year.

Generous Giving will inspire and motivate wealthy Christians to give extravagantly, such that they voluntarily limit their spending and saving, driven by love, in order to see God’s kingdom come on earth.

  • This new giving will create a radical shift in the Christian culture of the United States:
  • Tens of thousands of people will have asked and answered the question “How much is enough?” Younger people will be making this decision before they get caught up in the bondage of stuff.
  • Wealthy Christians will be known for extravagant generosity, not for their consumption or accumulation. Giving will be the new normal within growing segments of the church.
  • JOG participants will be influencing their local church in such a way that pastors are excited to teach on the biblical message of generosity, and churches are celebrating it regularly.
  • Christian giving will be so stunning and countercultural that major news sources will report it. More importantly, people will be coming to know Jesus because the generosity of Christians is so compelling that they want to know the God who inspires it.

In addition to culture being shaped, individuals will be transformed and will find greater joy, freedom, and purpose as they trade away saving and consuming on earth for eternal treasure in heaven. As a result, tens of billions of dollars will be released for God’s Kingdom —sharing the gospel, caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, and healing the world.


Your Vision

If you’re reading this page, its because you have a vision for your friends to experience the joy, purpose, and fullness of life that comes with generosity. You likely want to see your church and your community radically impacted by this message. We want to support you in seeing your vision become a reality.

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