Online Journey of Generosity

An Online Journey of Generosity (JOG) is a virtual experience that’s similar to an in-person JOG. Led by a trained facilitator using Zoom (a video call platform), participants connect around stories, readings, and discussions. Together, you’ll explore the life-changing message of biblical generosity and the power it has to bring freedom, purpose, and joy.

If you have been invited to an Online Journey of Generosity, we hope you are able make time to be a part of it. Those who participate in these small, online gatherings have found them to be exceptionally meaningful. Here is a short video that explains what a Journey of Generosity is and why you might consider attending: Why Attend a JOG?

How to Host an Online JOG

You are able to host your own Online JOG for your friends! Generous Giving will provide a trained facilitator. If you are interested in connecting with a team member to learn more about hosting your own Online JOG, use the button below. If you know your JOG date and are ready to start your invitation, click "I'm ready to host!"

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How does the Online JOG work?

Our team will provide the host of an Online JOG with an invitation to send to the friends they are convening. Our team also provides a Zoom line for everyone in the JOG to use. Zoom is a video conferencing platform. When someone registers online through the invitation, they will receive an email copy of a JOG booklet to print at home, and additional instructions will come in follow-up email communications from Generous Giving.

How long is the Online JOG?

6.5 hours with a break.

The online JOG is split into two blocks. One is 3 hours and one is 2.5 hours. We placed a break in the middle, which is an excellent time for a meal. You have the option to host the two sessions in the same day, or to host one session per day for two days.

Can I be trained to facilitate an Online JOG?

For most Online JOGs, we will have one of our team members facilitate, and currently, there is no Online JOG facilitator training.

If you are already a trained JOG facilitator who is interested in getting certified to facilitate an Online JOG, or if you are interested in learning how you can get trained to facilitate, email

What is an ideal group size?

6 to 12.

How is the online JOG different from an in-person JOG?

To accommodate the appropriate length of time for the online format, some discussion and reflection times that typically take place during a JOG have been shortened. We have combined sessions 2 and 3, making the online JOG four sessions in total instead of five.

Can I attend an Online JOG before I host one?

Yes! You can sign up for an Online JOG here.

How can I host an Online JOG?

If you already know you would like to host an OJOG, you can use this link to get your invitation started for your friends! Begin your invitation here.

If you are interested in learning more, fill out this form and one of our team members will get in touch with you.

How are people experiencing the Online JOG?

I certainly came away with more imagination for what courageous generosity can look like - now and over a lifetime.
The videos were excellent, the pacing was good, the timing was appropriate … I didn’t know if an online deal like this would be effective, but thought that it went very well … We would love to continue the dialogue to see about sharing this with others.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend this experience to a friend?

10. Loved it.
I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this experience. It felt like the right pace, good conversation, slow and still restful . . . not like I was taking an online course.
People are hungry for this conversation. It’s relevant and timely. A grace-filled call to the body of Christ to arise and reflect Christ to a hurting world.