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We Are Committed to Spreading the Biblical Message of Generosity
We are like-minded peers who share your passion to wisely steward resources for God and His Kingdom.

The Story of Generous Giving

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Founded in 2000 by The Maclellan Foundation, Generous Giving's mission is to spread the biblical message of generosity in order to grow generous givers among those entrusted with much. It was launched with a vision to stir a renewed, spirit-led commitment to generosity among followers of Christ through conversation. These conversations consistently allow us and our friends to discover joy in ways we didn't expect.

Our commitment is to provide safe, solicitation-free environments. We never seek donations, permit solicitation at our events, or award grants.

When we have conversations with peers around generosity we powerfully connect to God's heart.
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It All Started with Four Friends...

In the late 90's giving was at an all time low. A couple of us noticed and wanted to help reverse this trend. While considering what to do, we began meeting with people we knew who were living radically generous lives. We saw that their lives were marked by joy, freedom, and fruitfulness that we all craved. We spent time with these generous people, and what we found was that simply by having conversations with these men and women we were inspired. We saw our own paradigms about wealth shifting in beautiful ways. We began to adopt a more generous life naturally.

We began asking the question, "What if more of us had these conversations? Imagine if others experienced the joy, freedom and fruitfulness these friends are experiencing. Imagine new family legacies built on generosity with new generations of children growing up with this rich tradition. Imagine all the resources we could free up. Imagine all the good we could do." So we invited more friends into the conversations with us. Every time we get together we find that our hearts transform and our lives change.

In 2000 the Maclellan Foundation stepped in to help make Generous Giving a safe and neutral place, funding our entire budget and in 2016, the Murdock Trust joined the Maclellan Foundation in helping underwrite the ongoing work of Generous Giving. We are still privately funded today, so we never have to raise money at any of our events, ever.

Our goal remains the same today as it did when we began. We want to help people live radically generous lives through encountering the biblical message of generosity in conversations with peers. Join us.

Our Commitment to Women

In 2007, recognizing the importance of women in the generosity conversation, Generous Giving hired two executive women to intentionally develop a strategy and reach out to women interested in living a life of biblical generosity. Over the years we have continued to hire female leaders, not only understanding the balance and value women leaders bring to the conversation, but more importantly, to reflect the customers we serve.

Generous Giving is committed to reaching both men and women in the generosity space and maintains a close partnership with and support of Women Doing Well. This partnership allows each organization, through their unique talents and skills, to reach women, men, their families and communities with the life-changing message of generosity.

We fully believe that we are better together but we also recognize the unique roles and realities of women. Women Doing Well serves single, married, or widowed women who are interested in growing in their generosity journeys through unique women-focused events, workshops, and other resources.  Generous Giving continues to serve men, women, couples and families with the message of generosity.   



Everyone involved in Generous Giving has a passion for unleashing the message of generosity.

Meet the Team

Our Vision

Our Vision

To see the generosity of God displayed through the generosity of God’s people.

We envision a movement of Christians who give extravagantly of all that they are in response to God’s radical grace.  Our primary motivation is to see people liberated to live and give in God’s image in order to see God’s kingdom come on earth.

This growing movement will create a dramatic shift in culture: 

  • Christians will be known for extravagant generosity, rather than consumption or accumulation.
  • Young people will be organizing their lives around giving before they get caught up in the constant pursuit of more.
  • People will be coming to know Jesus because the generosity of Christians is so compelling that they want to know the God who inspires it.

In addition to culture being shaped, individuals will be transformed and find greater joy, freedom, and purpose as they trade away saving and consuming on earth for eternal treasure in heaven. As a result, billions of dollars will be released for God’s Kingdom — sharing the gospel, serving the needy, and healing the world.



We are not affiliated with any one denomination or church. We believe in the biblical message of generosity.

Our goal is to spread the message of generosity in a safe and neutral way while still allowing for radical life transformation as God directs. In order for this to happen effectively, everything we do is guided by six core beliefs and eight core principles.

Beliefs and Principles


  • What is Generous Giving?
    Founded in 2000 by The Maclellan Foundation, Generous Giving’s mission is to spread the biblical message of generosity in order to grow generous givers among those entrusted with much. It was launched with a vision to stir a renewed, spirit-led commitment to generosity among followers of Christ through conversation. These conversations consistently lead to our friends discovering joy and in ways they didn’t expect. Our commitment is to provide safe, solicitation-free environments. We never permit solicitation at our events or award grants.
  • How are you different from other stewardship ministries?
    Generous Giving is one of several ministries committed to teaching and promoting Christian generosity. We are blessed to work in cooperation with other stewardship ministry partners; they work within their areas of strength and we work within ours. While we have a few things in common with these other groups, there are significant differences that make our work necessary: First, we focus on building the faith of givers themselves rather than raising funds. Second, we focus specifically on giving and generosity rather than budgeting, saving, investing, debt reduction and other aspects of stewardship.
  • How are Generous Giving and Women Doing Well™ connected?
    Women Doing Well™ is a partner of Generous Giving in the generosity movement. Women Doing Well serves single, married or widowed women who are interested in growing in their generosity journeys in the unique environment provided by women-focused events, workshops, and resources. Generous Giving continues to serve men, women, couples and families with the message of generosity. For more information about Women Doing Well™, please visit their website: http://www.womendoingwell.org/
  • Is Generous Giving affiliated with any specific church or denomination?
    No. Generous Giving is an independent, nonprofit ministry that acknowledges and accepts the truths of biblical and historic Christianity. The Lausanne Covenant is an excellent statement on the beliefs of evangelical Christians.
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  • About

Why We Do It

Our generation has more wealth and opportunity than any before us to make a difference for the Kingdom, but we also have more distractions and things clamoring for our attention and distracting your hearts from God. Spending time discussing generosity with peers is the best way to encourage our hearts and hear from God.

Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life. - 1 Timothy 6:18-19

What We Do

Celebration of Generosity: Generous Giving hosts a Celebration of Generosity once per year. This two-day experience brings together people entrusted with much from around the country to experience the joy of generosity and excel even more in the grace of giving. Usually 400 or more people attend this conference to be encouraged by teachings, stories, worship, and peer-to-peer interaction.

Journey of Generosity: These invite-only retreats are 24-hour gatherings hosted by an individual, couple, or organization. A trained facilitator, provided by Generous Giving free of charge, leads a small group in a deeper exploration of the life changing message of generosity. The intimate setting encourages discussion around stories and scripture.

Being part of Generous Giving events is our yearly 'tune-up' on giving. This is where we are reminded to be radical givers. - Don Meyer, Hamburg, New York

How We're Funded

We are privately funded. We create safe, solicitation-free environments where Christians can learn more about the joys of generosity, free from the pressures of being told where or how much to give.

We kept waiting for the ask to come, during the event, at the close of the event, a month after the event. It never came…they just sent us a gift for having participated in the experience. - Business Owner who attended a recent Celebration of Generosity

Who We Benefit

Everyone can benefit from the biblical message of generosity, but our events are designed specifically for those entrusted with much. We design our experiences to benefit individuals and couples who, through business success, inheritance or other means, find themselves with more than they need.

The reason that we come year after year is that we always leave inspired. There's no pressure to give to a specific organization, just encouragement to give hilariously and live life to the fullest. It's a contagious disease we are happy to contract every time we attend a generous giving event. - Martha and Tony Cimmarrusti, Grosse Pointe, Michigan
  • Beliefs

6 Beliefs

1. Giving is a heart issue

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. - Matthew 6:21

The things in which we invest our time, money, and energy are the things that matter to us most. They are often things that ensnare us and stand in the way of liberation from materialism.

Remarkably, in much the same way your treasure reveals your heart, the purposeful reallocation of your 'treasure' can be an effective way to guide your heart away from earthly values and toward more meaningful treasure.

"My heart always goes where I put God's money." - Randy Alcorn

Giving is not only an indication of where your heart is, but it is also a means of moving your heart toward God's generosity in a never-ending journey, expanding your heart to hold all the blessing of a closer walk with God.

2. God gave first

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son… - John 3:16

God is the most generous of all givers. God's grace has blessed us with goods, skills, and opportunities to generate what we need in our lives and a rich and wonderful world in which to live out His calling. God gave at a level beyond anything we can fully comprehend, He gave His Son, whose life bought our salvation.

God's giving to us is like the filling of a cup, and our giving to others reveals the cup running over. In the context of our own blessings and gratefulness, we learn to be generous givers. We didn't earn it; we never will. God's gift was the highest demonstration of unconditional generosity:

But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. - Romans 5:8

3. God owns it all

The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it. - Psalm 24:1

A money manager administers assets for the benefit of the owner, but is always aware that the funds he or she handles are not his own. With all the attention you place on managing our money, how does my perspective change when I come to understand that it is not my money, my wealth, my possessions, or my assets, but instead, that it all belongs to God?

We are God's money managers. The wealth of the earth and all its resources are entrusted to us, with the privilege to be stewards of its wise use. Our money is never ours to spend as we choose; our money is God's to spend as He directs.

4. We are to seek first the Kingdom of God

But seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and all of these things will be given to you as well. - Matthew 6:33

Jesus assures us that we do not have to worry about our earthly life because God has promised always to take care of us. And with earthly matters in God's control, we are free to pursue more spiritual matters, seeking first and above all else, God's kingdom and His righteousness through spiritual intimacy. Intimacy with Christ offers the highest levels of satisfaction both right now and for eternity.

5. Heaven, not Earth, is my home

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ. - Philippians 3:20

Life is short. Eternity is long. And my home is in heaven, where I will spend eternity. This simple yet radical thinking begs an important question: Why should I invest so much time, energy, and resources in what is short? Why should I focus on my (or even my children's) very temporary life here on earth, when heaven is real and coming and calling?

It isn't wrong for us to spend money on things that are temporary, however, if we have an eternal perspective and understand that heaven, not earth, is our real home, then we know that we can store up treasures in heaven where we (and those reached with the gospel) can experience them for eternity. A life of generosity—for all who know Christ—means the opportunity to draw closer to God, now, and in eternity. It means joy, a fulfilled heart, and the potential to store up treasures in heaven.

6. Giving brings joy

remembering the words of the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive. - Acts 20:35

Our life becomes joyful, fulfilling, and purposeful as we live in God's calling. Joy is experienced in the act of giving, but even more so in the alignment of your heart with God's will. As generosity comes into your heart, it blesses you in ways you know in the moment, in ways you recognize over a lifetime, and in ways that are revealed to you only in eternity. Generosity enables you to live in the joy of a "life that is truly life."

"In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life." (1 Timothy 6:19).

8 Principles

1. Generosity is God's message

...for all followers of Christ.

2. Giving is an opportunity not an obligation

...to be done out of joy, not duty, and primarily in response to grace.

3. God, through His word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, brings transformation.

We are powerless to transform a life, yet we can be used as tools in facilitating opportunities for God's word to be heard and the Holy Spirit's transformation of lives.

4. Biblical generosity is a journey not a destination.

One does not arrive; we seek to embody the message in our own lives and humbly share it with others.

5. The best investment one can make is an investment in God's Kingdom.

We encourage givers to live with an eternal perspective.

6. Life change happens in relationship over time.

We seek to move givers toward meaningful community.

7. Experiences such as events and the stories of others are catalytic.

We use them in motivating, challenging, and encouraging givers to grow in their generosity.

8. Neutral environments enhance and accelerate life change.

We invite givers to process their role as a steward without asking them to give to us or defining where they should give.

  • People

Our Staff

Todd Harper


As a founder of Generous Giving, Todd has been actively engaged in spreading the biblical message of generosity for 20 years. In his current role as president, Todd acts as a key spokesperson, relating with givers and implementing strategies for advancing the generosity message. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and entrepreneurship from Baylor University and spent 11 years with Campus Crusade for Christ International (Cru), where he served in Russia, Yugoslavia, and in the United States. Prior to joining Generous Giving, Todd was a partner in an investment management firm, advising high net worth clients on growing and using wealth wisely. Todd's passion is to disciple others, and given his experience in ministry leadership, major donor development, and philanthropic advising, he is particularly suited to encourage Christians to excel in the grace of giving. He and his wife, Collynn, have five children and live in Orlando, Florida.

David Gonzales

Executive Vice President - Engagement Team

David leads the Engagement Team of Generous Giving, interacting with givers and facilitating events. He has had an eclectic career, in entrepreneurship in both low and high tech business, in independent movie production, and finally in ministry. During his 5 years on Young Life staff, David had the privilege of working with many generous givers and saw firsthand their deep faith and joy in giving. This ministry experience changed his life and is the reason he loves being a part of the Generous Giving team. He played on the Missouri State University Tennis Team where he earned a bachelor's degree in Business. David, his wife, Christie, and their 3 children live in Austin, Texas.

Julie Wilson

VP, Messaging | President, Women Doing Well

For the past 25 years, Julie has been a visionary strategist and communication specialist.  After graduating with a degree in journalism from Boston University, she landed the highly competitive job as an NBC Page in New York City, the same year she became a follower of Christ through the ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.  She spent 13 years as a start-up team builder with Priority Associates, a ministry of CRU, and helped launch Revolve, a national tour and conference for teenage girls which attracted over 38,000 attendees in its first season.  In her dual role of VP of Messaging and President of Women Doing Well, an initiative of Generous Giving, she brings her expertise for connecting spiritual truths in relevant ways with her passion for leadership and women.  Julie and her husband, Gary, live in Richmond, Virginia, with their daughter, Ella. 

John Cortines

Chief Operating Officer

John serves as COO, with responsibility for Generous Giving’s internal strategy and operations in sharing the biblical message of generosity.  John also works to reach a new generation with biblical generosity through our Emerging Leaders initiatives.  A native of Texas, John began his career as a Petroleum Engineer, spending time everywhere from the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, to the offshore platforms of the Gulf of Mexico. While studying at Harvard Business School, John began a journey of discovery on the intersection of faith and wealth which culminated in a decision to leave behind a lucrative post-MBA job to work, speak, and write full-time on generosity (his book God and Money, co-authored with Greg Baumer, is out now).

John's greatest blessing in life comes from being married to his beautiful and gracious wife, Megan, and sharing in the joy of their three young children, Jack, Anna, and Lydia. John holds degrees from Harvard Business School (MBA, 2015), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia (MS Earth Science, 2011), and Texas A&M University (BS Chemical Engineering, 2010).

Lindsay Alexander

JOG Team Coordinator

Lindsay serves as our JOG Team Coordinator supporting the administrative and logistical needs of the JOG Team. She was an Orlando Heart of the City Fellow for nine months after graduating from the University of Florida, where she received a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

She is currently a master’s student at Reformed Theological Seminary, and a co-chair of the Orlando Fellows Alumni Association. She enjoys time with friends, weekend trips, and talking up her hometown, Orlando, where she currently lives.

Hailey Anderton

Generous Giving Operations Intern

Hailey Anderton currently serves as Generous Giving Operations Intern. Hailey graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications and a minor in Organizational Leadership for Nonprofits. Previously, Hailey has worked as a marketing and administrative intern at Created Gainesville, a nonprofit that reaches and restores women caught in human trafficking in the Gainesville area. As a passionate Orlando native, Hailey has been surrounded by generosity within her family and community from a young age and is passionate about sharing the biblical message of generosity to all. 

In her free time, Hailey enjoys exploring new local coffeeshops and restaurants, traveling to as many new places she can and spending quality time with her friends and family. 

Rachel Buchanan

Volunteer Engagement Manager

Rachel serves on the Engagement Team working to build Generous Giving’s capacity to provide world-class care and support for our volunteer network. Rachel graduated from Texas A&M University with her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies with a focus on Communications and Media. Prior to joining the Generous Giving team, she served on staff with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) for five years at the University of Texas in Austin. During her time on staff, she invested in the lives of sorority women and student athletes by training them in evangelism and discipleship, and also served as the Director of Cru at UT where she gave vision and leadership to the movement as a whole. Through the process of support raising and being on the receiving end of Kingdom-minded, sacrificial giving, she grew a passion for spreading this message of generosity as she saw the impact it made in her own life, and it’s ripple effects around the world. Rachel still lives in Austin, where her perfect day would include running town lake, eating breakfast tacos, drinking craft coffee and listening to live music with friends. 

Trey Campbell

Engagement Team

Trey is an engagement team member with Generous Giving, interacting with givers and facilitating events. Trey and Julie Kate come to Generous Giving with 25 years of Co-Leading ministry experience with the marketplace and the college Greek system in Texas. Trey is passionate about the biblical message of generosity and helping others make the connection between God's grace and generosity. Trey and his wife Julie Kate live in New Braunfels, Texas and have two grown daughters at University of Texas and Texas AM. Ty, their son, is an active soccer player in high school. Trey and all his children love to run. Julie Kate enjoys photography.

Kristy Champion

Assistant to the Business & Finance Manager

Kristy serves in the Business & Finance office and also serves as conference registrar.  She received a B.S. degree from Tennessee Wesleyan College and is a retired Purchasing Agent with the Tennessee Valley Authority.  She has been back with the GG team almost two years.  An active member of her church, Kristy is a Sunday School teacher for 11th & 12th grade girls and serves on various committees at the church.  She and her husband Tracy, and son Brock, live in Rock Spring, Georgia.

Ladonna Cingilli

Engagement Team

Ladonna brings more than 15 years of leadership experience to her role with Generous Giving's engagement team. She started her career working in her family¹s business, managing a pharmacy and specializing in nutrition. An entrepreneur at heart, Ladonna has had the opportunity to open a non-profit book store and start her own business before joining the team at Generous Giving. With a passion to see people healed, Ladonna has worked with Generous Giving since 2005 and loves to see the transforming power of generosity. She and her husband, Or, have three children and live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Heather Cousins

Director of Partnerships

Heather Cousins currently serves as Director of Partnerships seeking to build collaborative relationships with Generous Giving’s strategic partners. Previously, Heather served for three and half years as National Christian Foundation (NCF) Orlando's Director of Giver Services. Heather graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Event Management and a double minor in Business Administration and Organizational Leadership for Nonprofits. Born and raised in Orlando, and the daughter of parents in full-time ministry, Heather’s passion for spreading the message of biblical generosity has grown from a young age through the first-hand and personal impact of other's giving. 

Heather currently serves on the Young Professional's Council for Elevate Orlando, as a board member for First Presbyterian Church of Orlando’s Heart of the City Fellows, and as an Advisory Board member for NCF Orlando.  She enjoys spending time mentoring high school girls and convincing people that Orlando is the next Nashville.

Alison DeBardeleben

Event Coordinator

Alison supports the Generous Giving team as an event coordinator. She supports the national and regional events, organizes the revision and print processes of all JOG collateral, and executes special projects. Alison graduated from University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Outside of work she enjoys climbing, hiking, and being outdoors. Alison currently resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Chandler, and their son, Charlie.

Melinda Eller

Business & Finance Manager

Melinda has served in the position of business and finance manager since 2003. She attended Dalton College and received a bookkeeping certificate from Walker Technical Institute in Rock Spring, Georgia. An active member of her church, Melinda has taught Sunday school for many years. She also serves as church librarian. She and her husband are active in a group called Christians in Action, which provides home repairs for people in the church and in needy communities throughout the South. She and her husband, LeBron, live in Chickamauga, Georgia. They have three married children with 6 grandchildren.

Zane Henderson

Emerging Leaders Associate

Zane serves on the Emerging Leaders team, working to help spread the biblical message of generosity at college campuses. A recent graduate of Biola University, Zane interned with Southwest Airlines’ Community Affairs department before joining the Generous Giving team. He is passionate about sharing the life-giving news of generosity with the next generation of Christian leaders. His big family (he has nine siblings from three continents!), Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, Josh Turner’s music, and SEC football are a few of his favorite things.

Kay Hiramine

Engagement Team

Kay is an engagement team member with Generous Giving, interacting with givers and facilitating events. He has served and serves on the boards and leadership of a number of non-profits (NGOs), churches and companies. Kay is a serial entrepreneur who also has been inspired to be a philanthropic impact investor to create sustainable jobs for the poor in many needy places around the world. Kay is committed to the poor, needy and those that cannot help themselves (James 1:27). He has traveled to over 100+ countries and is deeply committed to seeing the Great Commission completed by spreading the Word of God and planting churches. His strongest gift is to build leadership relationships that catalyze communities and teams to fulfill global initiatives - Kay calls it “netweaving.” Kay resides in Colorado with his wife Julie and their five daughters.

Lindsey Johnson

JOG Concierge

Lindsey works with those who are passionate about spreading the message of biblical generosity, serving them as they host Journey of Generosity experiences. She joined the Generous Giving team in 2012 after graduating from Clemson University and then spending ten years in the fields of fundraising and event planning. Lindsey and her husband, Mark, and their daughter, Claire, live in Winter Garden, FL.

Spencer Karges

Designer & Developer

Spencer brings a variety of skills to the Generous Giving communications and technology teams, focusing on design and development. Outside of work, Spencer enjoys music and time with friends. Before joining Generous Giving, he was on staff as an Assistant Music Director at Crosspointe Church in North Carolina. Spencer and his wife Sarah reside in Brooklyn, NY.

Matt Massey

Engagement Team

Matt is an engagement team member with Generous Giving, interacting with givers and facilitating events. Matt worked for Procter and Gamble for five years right out of college before entering professional ministry, working for a parachurch organization and then serving as a teaching pastor. After going to Trinity Evangelical Seminary, Matt planted NorthStar Community Church in 2002 and has led there ever since. Matt resides in Loveland, OH with his wife Kim and their three daughters Riley, Claire, and Campbell. 

Janice Munemitsu

Engagement Team

Janice is an engagement team member, interacting with givers and facilitating Generous Giving events. Janice comes from the consumer brands/food industry, where her last role was Vice President of Consumer Brand Marketing, ConAgra Foods. Called to lead back-to-back capital campaigns for 9 years at Mariners Church (Irvine, CA), this experience gave her a heart for truly transformational and spiritual stewardship. Her passion is helping others find spiritual freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17) through soul care and spiritual direction. Janice has a B.S and M.B.A. from the University of Southern California. She currently has a private practice in spiritual direction and soul care after receiving a M.A., Spiritual Formation and Soul Care at the Institute for Spiritual Formation (ISF), Talbot Seminary/Biola University. With a heart for travel, and light suitcase to match, Janice is a native Californian living in Corona del Mar.

Emily Vogelzang Murray

Director, Marketing and Communication / Engagement Team

Emily brings a variety of skills to the Generous Giving team.  With a background in marketing, non-profit fundraising and entrepreneurship, Emily brings 12 years of strategy experience to the communications and engagement team. Her adventures prior to joining Generous Giving include serving as partner and CMO of an NYC-based financial start-up and as the Associate Director of Generosity at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.

When not creating content or cultivating generosity you will likely find her traveling, playing with her son or searching for a perfect cup of coffee. Emily holds degrees from University of Oxford, UK (MBA, 2013) and Princeton University (Behavioral Decision Making, Psychology, 2006). She and her husband, Justin, and son Aaron live in Durban, South Africa.

Mary Shaw

Event and Program Manager

Mary is Generous Giving's Event and Program Manager. She is responsible for the planning and execution of our national and regional events. Her passion to help others led her to six years of massage therapy, followed by four years in management and business development with a day spa franchise. Mary and her husband Bryan have three children and live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Mac South

Support Specialist

Mac's responsibilities include supporting the leadership team with administrative tasks, supporting Generous Giving team members and volunteers with technology, and managing the Orlando office. He is passionate about working behind the scenes to make big picture dreams become realities. Mac graduated from Anderson University (SC) with a bachelor's degree in Math Secondary Education. He and his wife, Elyse, and their daughter, Maggie, currently live in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Lacie Stevens

Engagement Team

Lacie is responsible for interacting with givers and facilitating events. Lacie is the co-author of God Calling, an updated version of the classic daily devotional. Prior to joining Generous Giving, Lacie was a Financial Advisor with large financial services companies for 23 years. In 2007, Lacie attended her first Generous Giving event where she discovered her passion for the message of generosity. Her joy in giving and serving have grown and continue to grow. She volunteers with Joni and Friends as a praise and worship leader. She graduated from Florida State University with a degree in multinational business and marketing. Lacie resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with her two sons.

Jordan Stone

Director, JOG Team

Jordan works with the Generous Giving team to build, refine and execute the organization's volunteer program and related systems. Before joining the team in January of 2014, he spent 6 years in retail management with Starbucks. Jordan graduated from Taylor University with a bachelor's degree in Management. He currently resides in Florence, OR, with his wife Elizabeth, and their team which includes Henry, Hosanna, Gus, Ezra and Josephine. Jordan enjoys his family, a good round of golf, and an Oregon Duck football victory.

Our Board

Kyle Vann

Chairman of the Board

Kyle, who claims both Oklahoma and Texas as his homeland, holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Kansas. Kyle began his career at Exxon before joining Koch Industries in 1979, where he worked his way up to becoming a Senior Vice President for the corporation in 1995. Kyle has since retired from full-time work, but he continues to consult with Entergy and Texon, LP, and he serves on the board for Texon LP, Crosstex LP, and Legacy Reserves LP. He also serves on the boards of Generous Giving, Man In The Mirror, and Mars Hill Productions. Kyle and his wife, Barbara, currently live in Texas and have four children and nine grandchildren.

Greg Baumer

Board Member

A native of Indianapolis, IN, Greg Baumer grew up attending Indiana Hoosier basketball games and working with his dad every Saturday in the family business.  He went on to earn his BS in finance, business economics, and public policy from Indiana University in 2008. 

Greg is blessed to be married to his beautiful, loving, and gracious wife of nine years, Alison.  Greg and Alison are parents to a happy, outgoing toddler, Grant.

April Chapman

Board Member

April Chapman worked in the technology industry for twenty years including five years at Microsoft, managing teams responsible for early MSN Internet properties and orchestrating relationships with key partners. Currently, she is engaged with faith-based non-profits to apply business principles like risk capital and innovation to produce transformative, sustainable solutions that target the causes of global poverty. She’s also focused on working with business leaders and entrepreneurs to foster positive social impact at the intersection of business, faith and culture. April is co-chair of the World Vision Innovation Fund, and serves on several non-profit boards including Praxis, a Christian business accelerator, National Christian Foundation Northwest, Generous Giving and Impact Foundation. She and her husband, Craig, are parents of teenage boy/girl twins and love the challenge of balancing home life with their call to serve. April holds an Oxford Diploma in Strategy & Innovation and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine.

Martha Cimmarrusti

Board Member

Martha Cimmarrusti is passionate about helping others develop a deeper connection to God as they discover the breadth of Christ’s love and freedom in the context of neighborhood bible studies, outreaches, home stays, and restorative prayer. The wife of Tony and the mother of four adult sons, Martha’s favorite mentoring moments happen while biking, running, walking, cooking and paddling

George L. Clark, Jr.

Board Member

George is managing director of Freestone Partners, a leveraged buyout firm in Houston, Texas. He has experience in private equity, sales, marketing and operations. Prior to co-founding Freestone Partners in 2001, Clark was president of Northstar Partners, a consulting firm focused on strategically serving investment groups across the country. Prior to founding Northstar, he co-founded Investment Services Group, an insurance brokerage/consulting unit with Insurance Concepts. Clark also spent six years with Best Associates, a Texas-based merchant bank, working both on the investment side and taking significant roles in portfolio companies. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, he has previously headed up the Generous Giving Advisory Council's peer channel committee. He and his wife, Ashley, have two children.

David Denmark

Board Member

David serves as Executive Director of the Maclellan Foundation, which has been investing in ministries and evangelical causes for 60 years. He has been married to Holly for 23 years and they have a 19-year-old daughter and 15 year old daughter/son twins. He joined the Foundation in 2002, after a 15-year stint with BellSouth (now AT&T). An ordained pastor, his academic training is in engineering, with a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Electrical Engineering.

Daryl J. Heald

Board Member

Daryl started in commercial real estate with the Allen Morris Co. and then spent four years at the Team Resources consulting firm, both in Atlanta, Ga. He later served as associate trustee and executive committee member of The Maclellan Foundation. In 2000, Heald helped to launch Generous Giving. He currently serves as Director of Generosity with The Maclellan Foundation as well as serving on the boards of Crown Financial Ministries, Excellence in Giving, ProVision Foundation and the Haggai Institute and is also an elder at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church. Heald holds a B.S. degree in economics from Westmont College and has been a featured speaker at the Southeastern Council of Foundations, TimeOut, The Gathering, Professionals in Grant Making and other conferences. He and his wife, Cathy, live in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, with their six children.

Frances Sheffield

Board Member

Frances grew up with a passion for generosity cultivated by her immediate and extended family. Frances earned BS in Nursing from Samford University and Masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Vanderbilt University.  
Frances and her husband, Lawrence, currently live and work in Birmingham, Alabama. They are currently expecting their first child. 

David H. Wills

Board Member

David has been the president of The National Christian Foundation (NCF) since 1998. His passions are centered on generosity and eternity; therefore, he invests his time helping others "lay up treasure in heaven" (Matt. 6:19-21). David has practiced law since 1988 focusing on the areas of charitable gift planning, exempt organizations (specifically in the public and private foundation arenas), estate planning, and fiduciary related matters. Wills is the co-author of two books, Investing in God's Business and Family Money, as well as numerous articles and lectures throughout the country. He earned a BBA and a J.D. from Baylor University and completed post-graduate work at Dallas Theological Seminary. David serves on numerous boards, including Hope for the Heart, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), and the ProVision Foundation. Originally Texas natives, David and his wife, Chris, live on a farm north of Atlanta with their seven children.

Janice Worth

Board Member

Janice C. Worth is President of Anushka, Inc., and has had numerous entrepreneurial endeavors including international retailing and mass marketing on QVC and Infomercials. In 2004, she sold her companies to Advanced Aesthetics Inc. and served as Senior Vice President and Director of Aesthetic Market Expansion. Today, her spa business includes a facility in the Palm Beaches, and a consulting business, which runs country club spas. She is on the board of Generous Giving and the National Christian Foundation New York affiliate, Global Ambassador of the We Want More Ministry, as well as the advisory board of New York City RUF Ministry and involved with Redeemer City to City.  She has a a son in college and her purpose statement is “expanding territory”.