We invite people to experience the freedom, purpose, and joy found in a transformed relationship with God and money.

We are like-minded peers who share your passion to wisely steward resources for God and His Kingdom.

The Story of Generous Giving

Our History

Founded in 2000 by The Maclellan Foundation, Generous Giving's mission is to spread the message of biblical generosity in order to grow generous givers especially among those entrusted with much. It was launched with a vision to stir a renewed, spirit-led commitment to generosity among followers of Christ through conversation. These conversations consistently allow us and our friends to discover joy in ways we didn't expect.

Our commitment is to provide safe, solicitation-free environments. We never seek donations, permit solicitation at our events, or award grants.

It All Started with Four Friends...

In the late 90's giving was at an all time low. A couple of us noticed and wanted to help reverse this trend. While considering what to do, we began meeting with people we knew who were living radically generous lives. We saw that their lives were marked by joy, freedom, and fruitfulness that we all craved. We spent time with these generous people, and what we found was that simply by having conversations with these men and women we were inspired. We saw our own paradigms about wealth shifting in beautiful ways. We began to adopt a more generous life naturally.

We began asking the question, "What if more of us had these conversations? Imagine if others experienced the joy, freedom and fruitfulness these friends are experiencing. Imagine new family legacies built on generosity with new generations of children growing up with this rich tradition. Imagine all the resources we could free up. Imagine all the good we could do." So we invited more friends into the conversations with us. Every time we get together we find that our hearts transform and our lives change.

In 2000 the Maclellan Foundation stepped in to help make Generous Giving a safe and neutral place, funding our entire budget and in 2016, the Murdock Trust joined the Maclellan Foundation in helping underwrite the ongoing work of Generous Giving. We are still privately funded today, so we never have to raise money at any of our events, ever.

Our goal remains the same today as it did when we began. We want to help people live radically generous lives through encountering the biblical message of generosity in conversations with peers. Join us.

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders is a strategic initiative within Generous Giving. Emerging Leaders aims to share the biblical message of generosity with the younger generation of Christian leaders before they begin accumulating new levels of wealth. Generous Giving serves Emerging Leaders by starting conversations through Journey of Generosity retreats, primarily at top professional programs. Visit our Emerging Leaders page here.

Our Vision

To see the generosity of God displayed through the generosity of God’s people.

We envision a movement of Christians who give extravagantly of all that they are in response to God’s radical grace. Our primary motivation is to see people liberated to live and give in God’s image in order to see God’s kingdom come on earth.

This growing movement will create a dramatic shift in culture:

  • Christians will be known for extravagant generosity, rather than consumption or accumulation.
  • Young people will be organizing their lives around giving before they get caught up in the constant pursuit of more.
  • People will be coming to know Jesus because the generosity of Christians is so compelling that they want to know the God who inspires it.

In addition to culture being shaped, individuals will be transformed and find greater joy, freedom, and purpose as they trade away saving and consuming on earth for eternal treasure in heaven. As a result, billions of dollars will be released for God’s Kingdom — sharing the gospel, serving the needy, and healing the world.