Take Me Where I am Not Prepared to Go


Grace Crall

Adaptation of  “Excerpts from Elizabeth O’Connor’s Letters to Scattered Pilgrims (1979)”  

Oh, God, weaken my knees.  

Make me a person bowed  

before you. Teach me goodness  

and the power of proportionate giving,  

so I struggle and wrestle 

that my borders be pushed out 

and my trust even deeper.  

When I consider abandon –  

surrender, all that is 

an open palm –  

Spirit, may it not bring fear 

or regression into old definitions 

old habits, leathery grips 

or narrow spheres of identity. Give  

me grace to give  

into veritable miracles.  


May I not expect you to applaud  

my small efforts, 

but come and take me  

where I am not prepared to go.  


Grace Crall

Grace serves the Generous Giving team by equipping volunteers and by managing the processes and execution of regional and national transformational experiences. She works with other operations team members to assist in various administrative and organizational tasks. Grace is a graduate of Asbury University, where she studied English and Art & Design with an emphasis in Art History.