The First Step

July 13, 2021

Where to Start in Your Journey into Generous Giving An excerpt from True Riches, What Jesus Really Said About Money and Your Heart, written by John Cortines and Gregory Baumer. What is the very beginning of a joyful journey into generous giving? Before diving into the book True Riches, my guess would have been to check off…

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Take Me Where I am Not Prepared to Go

July 6, 2021

Adaptation of  “Excerpts from Elizabeth O’Connor’s Letters to Scattered Pilgrims (1979)”   Oh, God, weaken my knees.   Make me a person bowed   before you. Teach me goodness   and the power of proportionate giving,   so I struggle and wrestle  that my borders be pushed out  and my trust even deeper.   When I consider abandon –   surrender, all that is  an open palm –   Spirit, may…

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Megan’s Story

June 3, 2021

A Wharton MBA’s Step Toward Obedient Generosity Megan Yang grew up in a Christian home where her parents emphasized generosity. Megan continued to give as she grew into a young adult, giving her car to someone in need rather than selling it and giving a portion of her income to the Christian Fellowship at Wharton Business School.…

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